I Will Nail DCJ Mwilu-DPP Haji

KRA staff inspects a business during a door-to-door crackdown on Nairobi businesses on Thursday, March 18, 2021.
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    See below a summary of the top stories for Thursday, August 11.

    The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) under Noordin Haji has stated that it has a dossier that will prove the corruption and abuse of office charges levelled against Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu. The ODPP is hopeful it will secure a conviction.

    They revealed this in court Wednesday, August 10,  where the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) also noted that they have evidence that the DCJ transacted Ksh20 million shillings at the Supreme Court’s parking lot and that they also have a report alleging that she was in communication with a criminal suspect.

    Mwilu however complained that JSC, a commission in which she serves as a member, was biased in handling four petitions against her, adding that there was an ulterior motive behind the investigations against her.

    Expensive Power

    A report by Auditor General Nancy Gathungu revealed that taxpayers are losing money because the government has not connected the Lake Turkana Wind Power project in Marsabit County to the national grid.

    The power generating project was completed and it is producing power but the government took too long to connect the power lines to the national grid. Consequently, it has been fined Ksh18 billion shillings for all the power that goes to waste.

    Gathungu further noted that from the amount, Ksh10.3 billion has already been paid out with the balance expected to be hiked owing to the rising electricity bills.

    Spending Cap Debate

    National Assembly majority leader Amos Kimunya says the IEBC’s campaign financing regulations will not see the light of day in parliament. Kimunya stated that the regulations were not fair and that MPs do not have enough time to discuss the capping bill.

    He has also raised issues with the IEBC’s Ksh40.9 billion shillings election budget saying that it is too expensive and infact, they shouldn’t be spending more than Ksh10 billion to conduct elections.

    The riot act read by Kimunya, which is against IEBC, argues that the National Assembly did not have ample time to discuss the motion.

    Delayed Graduation

    In a ruling made by Judge Eric Ogola on July 28, the presiding judge ordered Technical University of Mombasa(TUM)  to pay a former student Ksh250,000  in damages for omitting his name from the university’s 2018 graduation list.

    Justice Ogola stated that the university had violated Mwasambu’s right to human dignity and right to fair administrative action and right to a fair hearing.

    In response, the university stated that they asked the petitioner to get cleared by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) after he allegedly presented a fake degree certificate while looking for a job in a public entity.

    The judge stated that the letter of the notification submitted to the court by TUM was not similar to the one presented to the petitioner. In addition, the institution had failed to prove that Mwasambu was in possession of a fake document.

    The High Court judge hence ordered the university to ensure that the petitioner graduated from the institution this year.

    Excise Duty Reviewed

    In a notice issued on Tuesday, August 10, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)  has put Kenyans on notice that they will be reviewing excise duty for all excisable goods and services using 4.97 percent as the current inflation rate which means the price of alcohol is likely to go up in about two months.

    The adjustment is expected to have a direct impact on the cost of all excisable goods and services which include products such as fuel, beer, wine and spirits, food supplements, fruit juices, bottled water, cigarettes, and their substitutes, as well as motor vehicle imports.

    KRA staff inspects a business during a door-to-door crackdown on Nairobi businesses on Thursday, March 18, 2021.