I Survived Being Run Over by Train After Friend Pushed Me – Naivasha Girl

Margaret Wanjiku
  • A young woman’s life changed in a split second when she was pushed in front of the train which ran over her legs but miraculously survived to tell the tale.

    The incident happened on the Nairobi-Naivasha line when Margaret Wanjiku was on a routine outing with her friends.

    In a recent interview, the lady narrated the experience noting that it was by God’s grace that she survived.

    “I was with my friends who suggested we head to Naivasha town. On our way there, it began to rain,” she recalled.

    Margaret Wanjiku lost her legs after a train ran over her.

    The group of girls decided to seek shelter in an incomplete building along the way until the rains subsided.

    While waiting, they heard a train passing and that was when one of her friends suggested they board it to the town.

    The other girls were in agreement and they ran out to jump on the train.

    “The others jumped on one by one and when it got to my turn I felt I panicked and could not move as my feet were trembling,” she narrated.

    It is then that her friend pushed her causing Wanjiku to fall on the tracks just as the train was about to cross. 

    “My shoelaces were untied so the train initially ran over the lace which was swallowed by its wheels. As it moved, it kept dragging and twisting my body and eventually got over my legs. 

    “My thinking as I was being dragged was God help me survive and he did because my whole body would have been shredded by the train engine,” she explained, adding that the train came to halt shortly after. 

    Wanjiku stated that her legs were unrecognisable as she bled on the track. She lay on the track for one and a half hours waiting for help.

    “The train driver alighted to see what had happened and said I could not be pulled out immediately as they had to either reverse or more the train forward,” she stated.

    All this while she was in shock as she was eventually pulled out and taken to the hospital.

    She was taken to the theatre and the doctors amputated her legs, which was the first of many procedures the medical professionals carried out on her.

    Doctors attending to a patient
    Doctors attending to a patient

    Since the train track had dirt, it made a large part of her body get infected. The doctors later had to carry out other amputations.

    Wanjiku stated that although it was hard at first to accept that she would be disabled, she did not lose hope as her mother did not abandon her after the accident.

    She stated that her hopes for the future included venturing into the medical profession.

    “I want to be a doctor because when I was in the hospital, I saw a disabled surgeon who was working well. I know I can and it meant I could do it,” she proclaimed.