I regret not voting for Raila NASA, we are in nig shit, Mungu saidia

I regret not voting for Raila NASA, we are in nig shit, Mungu saidia

By Ekakoro Emm

HER: It’s raining and getting muddy and the city roads are now impassable. I so hate Sonko and Uhuru!
ME: Who did you vote for in 2017?
HER: Sonko and Uhuru of course. Hakuna tu vile ningepigia Raila na Miguna au Kidero.
ME: I am not saying you should have. You had a right to vote for whoever you wanted.
HER: Who did you vote for?
ME: That is immaterial, but if you must know, none of my candidates won.
HER: Raila naye hangepata kura yangu, hata na dawa. Ni dikteta kushinda hata Uhuru.
ME: Let’s not argue about how you determined that, but why did you vote for Sonko?
HER: I thought he’s a man of the people who really cared.
ME: Did you know that a country and county are never run on emotions or philanthropy? I also know our people’s problems, as I am sure you do too, and I really care. Would you vote for me on that basis alone?
HER: No.
ME: Did you know that Sonko, Uhuru and his deputy have no experience running a village kiosk or anything as simple?
HER: Yes, but Uhuru for example is rich and didn’t need to work.
ME: Does that mean he could run a corporate business just by dint of being rich?
HER: No.
ME: Did you know that Sonko is an escaped, not just ex-convict, and what he was in for? Did you also know what Uhuru and his deputy were accused of?
HER: Yes, and I believe they were all guilty.
ME: So why did you expect any integrity from any of them?
HER: Agwambo na Kidero nao singepigia.
ME: I am not rooting for any of them. There were other candidates. Do you have any reason why you didn’t vote for them?
HER: Because I didn’t know any of them.
ME: Fair enough. You had the right to vote for whoever you wanted to, but having voted, why did you expect them to act inconsistently with what you have admitted you knew about them? Were they going to perform simply because their rivals were not good enough?
HER: I don’t know but Raila and Kidero were simply not an option…
ME: Then live with your choices and stop complaining because you’re stuck with them till 2022. Puga!
HER: Are you now insulting me?
ME: No, and please leave me alone!

~100% true story today~


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