I Don’t Like Ruto But He Will Beat Raila – Kalonzo’s Deputy

  • Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim on Monday, July 26, acknowledged his dislike for Deputy President William Ruto adding that he would never vote for him – but expressed his fear that the DP would win the next presidential election. 

    Maalim, who is also the Deputy Party Leader of the Wiper Democratic Movement, admitted that Ruto would easily clinch victory by 10:00 am on election day.

    While speaking at TV 47, he opined that an exposition that has supposedly been the saving grace for former Prime Minister, Raila Odinga would not be at play in the 2022 General Election.

    Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Farah Maalim
    Former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Farah Maalim, at a past event.

    He claimed that the support currently enjoyed by the National Super Alliance (NASA) chief stemmed from the disillusionment of other tribes that have had to endure a seemingly unending leadership by pundits from Central Kenya.

    He added that Raila had for long been viewed as the saviour of the Kenyan majority besides residents of Mt. Kenya, as a provider of alternative leadership.

    Maalim noted that although Raila had successfully managed to rally a significant number of Kenyans behind him, he had also equally immersed himself in jeopardy.

    The former Deputy Speaker justified this claim by adding that in the event that Raila faced a presidential candidate from a region besides Mt. Kenya, his messianic aura would deplete in a flash.

    As a result, DP Ruto would scoop victory in the 2022 General Election by 10:00 am. Maalim also emphasized that Ruto ignited a class war, banking on support by impoverished and disenfranchised groups in his tours across Central Kenya.

    This approach is dangerous but beneficial to his campaign as members of the Agikuyu community are enterprising people who seek viable opportunities as opposed to freebies, Kalonzo Musyoka’s deputy observed. 

    The pundit also predicted that a majority 85 per cent of Members of Parliament rallying with the deputy president in Mount Kenya would not make it back to Kenya’s Legislature.

    Maalim served in the former Grand Coalition government from January 2008 to January 2013. In addition to that, he is a former member of the Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party. He defected to the Wiper Democratic Movement.

    Deputy President William Ruto
    Deputy President William Ruto