How to Replace Lost Birth Certificate in Kenya

How to Replace Lost Birth Certificate in Kenya

It is safe to say that losing a birth certificate translates to losing vital proof of your identity. Once any child is born in Kenya, their birth is recorded through the document.

The certificate, therefore, becomes the first official identification document, validating your legal right to all services entitled to Kenyan citizens. 

A birth certificate is not only used as an identification document. Throughout your life, you will be required to present it to be approved for services eg enrolling for school and applying for vital documents such as your identification card, passport and even your visa.

Kenyans queing for Birth certificates

However, life happens and even the most guarded things might get lost probably while moving houses. You might even misplace them in a matatu while travelling or God forbid, a fire may occur at your place, burning everything to ashes.

A huge number of Kenyans are victims of lost birth certificates and most have no clue on what steps one should take to replace the documents while others think that it is impossible

Replacing your Birth Certificate is an easy and hassle-free process;

The Process

If you are 18 years and above and was born within Nairobi County, you will be required to visit the Office of the Registration of Births and Deaths located at Bishop Plaza along Upper-hill. The building is opposite Milimani Law Courts.

For those born outside Nairobi, you can visit Hass Plaza located on the Lower-Hill road, on your way to Upper-Hill.

Kenyans queuing for birth certificates at Bishop Plaza

For those below 18 years, the parents should go to the relevant offices with photocopies of their ID and a notification of the child’s birth.

The process is the same for individuals who have never applied for a birth certificate.

However, for children below two years, their parents can visit the nearest Huduma Centre to acquire a notification of birth.

The standard charges for replacing your birth certificate, according to a Huduma Centre agent, range from Kshs 50 to Kshs 150.

Once you file your application, you will be required to wait for a specific period before your certificate is processed.

Huduma Centre


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