How SONKO saved my life

CONJESTINA – How SONKO saved my life

By Pulse

Former World Boxing Champion Conjestina Achieng has spoken for the first time since Nairobi governor Mike Sonko rescued her from wasting away in the village.

Speaking to Pulse, Conjestina said were it not for the Nairobi governor, she would have wasted away because leaders from Siaya where she comes from had neglected her.

According to her, her situation deteriorated but no help was forthcoming from the Siaya leadership including the County government.. She says it is God who sent governor Sonko to rescue her.

She said when help came from Sonko, she saw a miracle. She wouldn’t believe her eyes. She would not imaginecof having her gym back and fully equipped.

Everyone had neglected me because they thought I was mad and that I was going to die. In fact, my sickness would not have gotten worse had I sought medication on time. Thanks to governor Sonko for coming to my rescue. I will never forget where she picked me from when all leaders neglected me. Everyday I wake up, I pray for Sonko. Look at my gym, it is back functional and I can make my own money. I have never seen a man with such a clean heart as Sonko’s. May God guide and protect him all the time. He came into my life at a time when everyone had walked out of me” Said the jovial Conjestina.





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