How Son Saved Mother by Snatching Father’s Gun in Domestic Spat

A file image of a man aiming to shoot
  • Police in Kitui County have arrested their colleague who drew his firearm during a family quarrel, causing panic and fear. 

    In a police report seen by, constable Shadrack Munyao drew his firearm after he disagreed with his wife Christine Mutethya. 

    “It was reported by one Christine Mutethya of mobile number 07****9 that today at about 2000 hrs, while at home with her husband Shadrack Munyao, who is a police officer,  got involved in a domestic spat,” the report states. 

    According to the police, the spouses were fighting, when the policeman draw out his loaded gun in a fit of rage and almost shot his wife. 

    “Due to misunderstandings, the officer drew the pistol, which had one magazine loaded with twelve rounds and aimed at his wife,” the report states. 

    In the melee, the gun fell down. Luckily, the police says the couple’s 15-year-old son grabbed the weapon and took off with it.  

    A file image of a man aiming to shoot

    “The child and his mother rushed to Mwingi Police Station, where they reported the matter and handed over the rifle to officer in charge of armory. The husband followed them to the station and upon inquiries it was established that he is based at GSU headquarters and had visited Mwingi since 19 August 2021,†the police report said in part. 

    The officer is currently in police custody, pending interrogation for further police action. 

    The incident happened against the backdrop of numerous cases of police homicide and suicide. About 60 police officers commit suicide, according to a recent report by mental health experts. 

    About 61 percent of officers are regular alcohol consumers, with reference to a joint survey done by United Nations Officer and National Police Service on drugs and crime in 2018.

    In the report, Dr. John Kibosia called for enhanced efforts to sensitize members of the service on the management of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

    Police Station
    Police Station