How Schools are Bypassing Government Fees Guidelines

How Schools are Bypassing Government Fees Guidelines

Secondary Schools have come up with ingenious ways to violate Government fee guidelines and in turn burdening parents with extra charges.

Some school principals and boards of management have come up with methods to bypass a Government circular that limits the fees they can charge.

They communicate some requirements such as teachers’ motivational fees and remedial payments verbally without listing them in the fee structure.

Education CS Amina Mohammed and PS Belio Kipsang’ during a briefing

This pushes the fees above the recommended caps by over Ksh10,000 in some cases.

In 2017, The Government, through the Ministry of Education, on Monday slashed fees for Secondary School students.

In a circular from the Ministry, students in secondary boarding schools including National and extra-county schools would pay a maximum of Ksh53,000 from Ksh100,000 whereas their counterparts in day schools were to pay nothing.

Students in day schools will only be required to cater for their uniform and accommodation charges 

The government increased its subsidy to boarding students from Sh12, 870 to Sh22,240 for each student per year.

School boards were tasked with recruiting and overseeing non-teaching staff.

“To minimise the cost of secondary education, it is necessary to rationalise the recruitment of non-teaching staff. It shall be responsibility of parents to hire them at terms commensurate with qualifications and capacity to pay,” the ministry stated.

President Uhuru Kenyatta interacting with students


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