How Kimani Ngunjiri’s Political Fortunes Changed After Blocking Moi’s Motorcade


Every Politician has a defining moment when his/her career really takes off.

According to Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri, his journey to the August house was rather a bizarre and unexpected one.

Appearing on NTV‘s The Wicked Edition, Ngunjiri attributed his political success to a pivotal moment when he jumped in front of former President Daniel Moi’s motorcade.

Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri.

The MP narrated that he had faced a land dispute with a group of tycoons at the time and the only way out he thought of at that time was seeking the intervention of the then president.

“It was on a Saturday alikua anatoka nyumbani anaenda State House Nakuru kitu kama saa tatu (He was leaving home headed to Nakuru State House at around 9:00a). 

“So I timed akiwa anapita hapo, wakati gari la kwanza lilipita, nilliingia katikati ya barabara nikapiga magoti na nikainua mikono juu. (So I timed while he was passing, after the first car passed, I jumped in the middle of the road and kneeled with my hands up.)” he told the show’s host King’ori Mwangi.

He further praised Mzee Moi’s demeanor revealing that he was a good person after he stopped the car and invited him on board.

“He was a good person. Alisimama. Askari wakakuja, akauliza what is the problem… I told him matajiri hapa wananinyang’anya na hapa ndio nimekaa. Akasema panda the next car.

(He stopped, Police came and asked me what the problem was…I told them some tycoons had grabbed my piece of land and yet it was my home. He then told me to board the next car)” he narrated.

After the encounter, the revered politician then became known as KANU Party boy and rose through the political ranks.

In January this year, the vocal MP made it his business to go after president Uhuru Kenyatta just hours after the president reprimanded leaders who criticised his government.

The MP who had in the past asked the President to table his resignation, held demo’s wearing a white t-shirt branded “Mimi ni mshenzi. Je, wewe mwana Kenya? (I am a fool. What about you Kenyan).

Kimani Ngunjiri during the “washenzi” demonstration in January.


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