How Kenyan Dog Inspired American Woman to Build Multi-million Empire

  • When a US national Kim Greene and her husband moved to Kenya, they did not fathom that a million-dollar business would come out of their experiences in the East African country.

    After they arrived, the two were shocked to learn that Kenyan families relied on dogs for protection as opposed to guns used by many of their countrymen, especially in the state of Texas.

    For a test, the two bought one trained dog to guard their home observing that the animal provided more peace than a handgun or even an electronic security system.

    “It works when the power goes off, or when there’s no water. Unlike a firearm, it can’t be used against you,” Greene told Robb Report Magazine.

    A dog participates in training at Svalinn ranch in Montana.
    A dog participates in training at Svalinn ranch in Montana.
    Slavinn Working Dogs

    When they moved back to Livingston, Montana, they founded Svalinn, a company aimed at providing dogs to homes for personal protection.

    The couple runs a 167-acre ranch used to train the dogs before they are sold, mostly to young families, at a price of Ksh1.25 million each (US$125,000).

    Speaking to the magazine, Greene noted that she trains the dogs for anticipation as well as temperament instead of aggression.

    The company has managed to crossbreed German, Dutch and Belgian dogs for maximum qualities desirable in a protection dog.

    This is because Belgian dogs are known for being family pets while Dutch are believed to have a strict work ethic.

    “We want to ensure the health of the dog long term, purebreds do not hold up in nature, and we’re not trying to get into the Kennel Club.

    “Those three lines are all highly workable, protective and eager to please their owner,” she told the publication.

    Training a dog is important since builds confidence provides mental stimulation and strengthens the human-animal bond.

    Militaries worldwide are known for using well-trained dogs during wars with the most preferred breeds being Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, and German Shepherd.

    Other breeds are labs, retrievers and Jack Russel and are valued for their intelligence, trainability, work ethic, and adaptability.

    Three dogs trained by Slavinn Working Dogs in Montana Texas
    Three dogs trained by Slavinn Working Dogs in Montana Texas.
    Robb Report