How Huduma Number agents were bribed by companies to register their employees

How Huduma Number agents were bribed by companies to register their employees

The fast approaching May 18 mass registration for the Huduma Namba has seen Kenyans rush to beat the cut off.

Some Kenyans turned up as early as 4:00 am on Friday with long queues forming as early as 5:00 am to avoid the unknown consequences of failing to register.

This comes after threats from different government officials saying those who will not have enrolled on the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) will not be offered essential government services.

This probably explains the reports that people are having to pay the officials tasked with the registration to pitch tent at offices and residential areas.

In one instance, controversial blogger posted images of an alleged company going to the extent of hiring taxis for Huduma Namba agents to go to their work premises with less regard of Kenyans waiting patiently in long queues to register.

“This company decided to bribe Huduma Number clerks, hired for them a taxi and took them all into their premises. That’s how this country operates now. Kenyans standing on the line remained there like kids of a lesser god,” he tweeted.
Moreover, an agent was busted asking for Sh300 per person as she claims the machines are faulty and she has to go for a new one.

In the clip that has gone viral, she further assures those waiting to register that they will not have to queue once they part with the amount.

Kenyans online quickly weighed in on the matter and condemned the incident, calling for arrests to be made.

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