How Gunmen Raided Moi’s Home & Sprayed Bullets

How Gunmen Raided Moi's Home & Sprayed Bullets

Stories are told of the many times security was breached at former President Daniel Moi‘s residences both at Kabarak, Nakuru and Kabarnet, Nairobi. 

Brigadier (rtd) Philip Kipkoech Chebet, who was in charge of Personnel and Logistics at the Armoured Brigade Headquarters in Lanet, had safely arranged Moi’s travel from Nakuru to Nairobi during the 1982 attempted coup when another security lapse happened. 

Chebet told The Standard that two days after the rebel soldiers had been contained, four gunmen sneaked and stealthily crept to Kabarnet Gardens in the evening. 

Brig (rtd) Philip Kipkoech Chebet during an interview with The Standard on 28/07/18

The gang that was suspected to have included rogue soldiers unleashed a volley of fire that sent the guards scampering for safety.

All the lights were switched off as the guards repelled the armed aggressors. 

The soldiers were able to chase away the assailants away towards the direction of Nairobi Dam but unfortunately, they didn’t capture them.

Chebet, who was supposed to reunite with his family after a few hours was then made to remain at State House for a month.

In another break-in incident in 1997, officers who were guarding Moi’s Kabarak home made away with millions of the president’s money.

Former State House Comptroller, Franklin Bett, told Nation that the act of the president’s own service team stealing from him angered Moi but he did not overreact.  

“But he was very lenient… any other person would have dealt with them ruthlessly,” recalled Bett.  

Former President Daniel Moi listens to his supporters during a KANU election meeting on 28/12/92

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