December 4, 2022
How a lady almost trapped me with sexy full body massage in Lavington

By Tongola Mate via fb


I went to Lavington where a friend had recommended some good and affordable office space for Maleek’s Courier.

On arrival, my to-be landlord was held up in a bank and asked me to keep myself busy as I wait for him.

To buy time, I took a walk around the mini shopping center as I admired the well done and manicured lawns. I loved the serenity.

I later found myself in a nearby Barber Shop. It was a she shaving me. First time. Felt like I was cheating on Mutua, my local barber.

After the shave, I was taken to the sink where Naima (According to her badge dangling on her blouse with the top two buttons ‘unchained’).

What followed was some deep tissue massage on my head and neck and slightly shoulders. I could feel her warm fingers going deeper towards my chest.

Hey! Mtume na asimame!

I don’t know how it happened but I must have dozed off. I was taken ‘back stage’ in some tiny room where Naima asked me to undress so that I could get some serious full body massage.

She lied that my eyes resembled a tired man.

My shirt was unbottoned. My chest bare. I unbuckled my belt and as my trousers were halfway my knees…the Indian dude texted to announce that he was almost leaving the bank.

Here I was, confused. Holding onto my wallet tightly and guarding it as if my whole life depended on it.

Did Tongola Mate fall into Naima’s tempting hands or pick his new landlord’s call?….


MASAIBU continued…

‘On the last episode of Masaibu…’ (insert the voice over of Jack Bauer’s 24 series) lol

I texted the Indian landlord saying I would be running late since I had ran into an emergency.

“You knocked someone?” He replied on my iPhone 11.

“????” I responded.

“Why the laughter?” He asked

“Sorry, I meant am at the dentist, a stone throw away from the Lavington shopping center” I lied.

Naima was almost bursting. I could literally see her coronary artery (from her loosely unchained blouse) slowly but gradually expanding due to suppressed laughter.

I switched off my serpent black gadget and placed it in a drawer right on my left.

Here I was, son of Tongola, standing infront of a stranger of the opposite sex, half naked. Just boxers, shirt dangling from a hanger across the tiny room – due to the fan that was at half speed. Trousers folded too.

No socks.

Only my checked boxers between me and my birthday suit.

My heart was palpitating at a neck break speed. I could see the arteries in the interventricular septum fighting to pump blood to my head.

Naima went out of the room to collect more massage oil. She came back in a split second impulse. Ok am not sure if it took a second or hour but yeah, I was twitchy.

‘This is it Tongola Mate’ words escaped my lips. She heard me…

Just when she was almost laying her soft arms on my back, I jumped!

“I just remembered I have to send someone Mpesa for a parcel to be delivered through Maleek’s Courier, Please hand me my phone…”

Tongola Mate is a producer and Radio show host at Radio Maisha

Source: kenyagist.COM

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