Hon Moses Kuria is the master of Propaganda, from fixing Ruto at the ICC to making Uhuru President

Hon Moses Kuria is the master of Propaganda, from fixing Ruto at the ICC to making Uhuru President

By Gordon Opiyo

Power of propaganda:

Gov Waititu was on Radio this morning, setting the record straight. He gave specific details of ongoing projects in Kiambu alone worth over 30 billion.
But in politics, its not the facts that matter, it is the perception.

Moses Kuria is a master in creating these perceptions. However hard Waititu explains, however hard Uhuru’s henchmen explain, Kuria amechafua maji, it will not be easy to convince the masses. That is the sad reality about political propaganda.
That brings me to my point today………. And I repeat this again and again.

William Ruto will defeat the Dynasties 29- 0. If they allow Ruto to be on the ballot, he will crush them mercilessly.
I believe that Kuria is working for Ruto, and he is doing a good job at it. Na bado real siasa has not started. The subtle message Ruto is sending to the masses in Central is this: The Dynasties ( Uhuru and his ilk) don’t care. But Ruto cares. Simple. The message is home and dry. Even if you try explaining to the masses, uta kuwa unapigia mbuzi guitar. And that is how people lose political battles.

Do you know how Gideon lost the Kalenjins? He used to meet the leaders and elders, and just wave them goodbye. Bila ata fare. But when Ruto met them, he gave them “transport and lunch” and just like that, Billionaire Gideon lost the Kalenjin to someone much poorer than him. It was all about perception.
If the Dynasties thought that Ruto is going to be a pushover… Let them look at how the masses have swallowed the Kuria Propaganda hook, line and sinker.
Raila lost the Kalenjin when he ignored the well oiled Ruto propaganda machinery. By the time he woke up, watu walikuwa wame enda.
This was a well calculated move by Kuria, to turn the people against Uhuru and whoever he will endorse.

So, while Uhuru is keeping away from “politics”, his rival Ruto is gaining ground.

By the time Raila, Uhuru, Gideon and Mudavadi will wake up, Ruto will have gone.
To be brutally honest, Unless Uhuru, Raila and Gideon gang up and jail Ruto……there is no way they can beat him politically. Unless they use the clear evidence that Ruto has been getting wealth corruptly, they stand no chance. Ruto will beat them in Central and Half of Nyanza ( where the youth are tired of the ‘last bullet’ old man)

If they make blunder of allowing him on the ballot box with them, results will be 29-0.


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