Hon Babu Owino Statement Of Action 16% Value Added Tax On Fuel

Hon Babu Owino Statement Of Action 16% Value Added Tax On Fuel



Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

Fellow Kenyans,

I have just returned from a seven day working trip to the Republic of South Africa where I had the privilege to meet and interact with the young and promising leaders of the Economic Freedom Fighters Party led by Hon Julius Malema.

I undertook this trip with a view to learning from the experience of the EFF in agitating for the rights of the Poor in their society against a pampered and elitist ruling class. We took the opportunity to discuss current political affairs affecting the young people of our continent and how to position ourselves to bring about meaningful change in the lives of the most vulnerable in our society.

I therefore return home with the understanding that as a leader, I have a solemn responsibility to speak out against the injustice that the 16% value added tax posses for the vulnerable in our society.

I cannot keep quiet as the sins of years passed are visited on the youth of Kenyan society. Just because Parliamentarians of yesteryears passed the initial Finance Act does not mean that we are prisoners of their bad decisions. A true leader is one who realizes when the country is heading in the wrong direction and is brave enough to make an effort to correct things.

To those who turned their backs on Kenyans when this decision first came before them in 2013 and now wish us to do the same, we say to you, “Step aside and let us serve Kenyans! You represent the problems of the past, we want to show our people hope for the future!”

I therefore call upon my fellow Kenyan youth to join us tomorrow, Wednesday, September 5th at the Milimani Law Courts from 8:00am as we seek court orders to stop the implementation of the Fuel Tax pending the decision of the President on the Amendment Bill before him.

We are a democratic country governed by a Constitution that values the spirit of public opinion and participation in law making. I will do everything in my power; I will shed my last drop of blood in protecting these values!

Comrade Babu Owino,
MP, Embakasi East,Secretary General Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association &
The People’s Watchman.


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