Guard Who Snobbed CS Matiang’i Demands Kshs41 Million From KAA

Guard Who Snobbed CS Matiang'i Demands Kshs41 Million From KAA

Former Kenya Airports Authority (KAA) security guard, Daisy Cherogony, has once again sued the institution for wrongful termination.

It is reported that Cherogony was fired after she made Interior CS Fred Matiang’i queue for a security check at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on April 6, 2017.

Moreso, according to court documents filed through her lawyer Alex Bismana, the 38-year-old guard indicated that Dr. Matiang’i did not want to queue and wanted special treatment.

According to Cherogony, she was never shown any complaint letter from Dr. Matiang’i, neither was she given a chance to defend herself before her dismissal.

Ms Daisy Cherogony and her lawyer Alex Bismana outside the Employment and Labour Relations Court in Nyeri

However, according to a CCTV footage evidence released recently by KAA in Nyeri Labour Court, Cherogony ignored the CS when he arrived at the terminal building.

KAA’S lawyer Lorraine Oyombe admitted that Cherogony was rightfully suspended for denying Dr. Matiang’i priority and embarrassing him by forcing him to queue.

“The footage showed the claimant ignoring the CS who was right in front of her and instead beckoning passengers who were behind him. She said she was concentrating on other passengers and thus she did not look up,” stated Oyombe.

Oyombe added that their investigations had found that Cherogony was in breach of the agency’s Human Resource Manual, thus the disciplinary action recommended against her.

“The claimant (Cherogony) was issued with a show cause letter. She was informed that it had been reported that she had uttered the words “I do not care who you are and you have to queue like all other passengers,” even after the Cabinet Secretary had introduced himself,” she reiterated.

Nonetheless, she also claimed that the Cabinet Secretary was delayed for 24 minutes and almost missed his flight to Kisumu. Dr Matiang’i was flying to Kisumu on the evening of April 5, 2017 accompanied by his security detail.

On the other hand, Cherogony in her defense stated that according to the security manual, Cabinet Secretaries usually queue like ordinary passengers unless they had special passes, which would require them to make special arrangements in advance.

Interior CS Fred Matiang’i.

“Dr. Matiang’i and the people who had accompanied him never had any special passes. So I could not allow him into the airport without clearing him at the screening checkpoint,” she claimed.

Cherogony further responded that she did not single-handedly mistreat Dr. Matiang’i and that she never saw him.

She had earlier sought Ksh2.4 million for the same reason, arguing that she was not given a hearing prior to her dismissal. The case will continue on May 8.


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