Govt Explain Using Boda Boda Operators in Crackdown

  • The government is now calling on boda boda operators to join the fight against terrorism by helping security agencies in the coastal area to identify terror suspects.

    Government Spokesman, Col. Cyrus Oguna, on Thursday, August 26, asked the boda boda riders to help the government in its efforts to track and capture terror suspects and their sympathisers.

    The government spokesperson explained that the boda boda operators will be crucial in flushing out terror suspects that have been hiding in the coastal city and planning attacks.

    Further, the government admitted that 14 people were arrested during a week-long crackdown on suspected terrorists in the coastal city.

    ATPU officer arrested a terror suspect at Likoni Channel, Mombasa on Monday, August 23, 2021

    Oguna urged religious leaders to preach against radicalization, a vice he says poses a threat to peace in the country.

    On Monday, August 23, the Anti-Terror Police Unit officers arrested two suspects and recovered a cache of arms and ammunition at the Likoni ferry crossing channel.

    Officers drawn from ATPU and the National Intelligence Service (NIS) arrested the two in a tactful operation.

    They caught commuters unawares as they shot in the air while approaching the suspects’ car, a white station wagon. 

    With guns aimed at the vehicle, the two men were ordered out of their vehicle and they were immediately blindfolded.

    ATPU hauled the suspects into the back of their vehicle and conducted a search on the suspects’ vehicle where they recovered two AK-47 rifles, phones, and ammunition.

    Members of Kenyas Anti-Terror Police Unit pictured during a drill.
    A Kenyan police officer conducts a drill