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Governor Defends Ksh2.4 Million Brick Bridge

Governor Defends Ksh2.4 Million Brick Bridge

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  • Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso speaks to the public in a previous event Twitter

  • Bomet Governor Dr. Joyce Laboso has come out to defend a brick bridge that is been earmarked for demolition in her county.

    The bridge attracted national attention after the National construction Authority(NCA) stated that it did not meet the required standards as per the construction regulations.

    Governor Laboso told off NCA stating that her government will continue with the construction of the bridge despite the notice.

Kirwa pedestrian bridge at Chemagel, Sotik Constituency

She went on to state that the Kirwa pedestrian bridge at Chemagel, Sotik Constituency, would be completed as per approved specifications.

I have taken up the matter with the NCA officials who marked it without engaging or even doing tests on the materials used,” she told journalists.

She insisted that the works at the bridge were as per specified standards and claimed there was an elaborate scheme by her detractors to tarnish her administration for political reasons.

We are well aware of the negative politics being peddled around this county. This county is known for making political noises and the issues raised against Kirwa footbridge are no different,” Laboso maintained.

Her sentiments were echoed by her Roads and Transport CEC Philip Sawek who threatened to sue the construction authority.

We do not work like that, NCA should have first sought an audience with us to explain what is going on. Furthermore, they did not explain why they want the bridge demolished,” Sawek complained.

The road minister added that it was wrong for NCA officials to move to the site and mark the footbridge for demolition without engaging his office.

NCA officer walks away after marking the Kirwa pedestrian bridge for demolition

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