August 19, 2022
Gov Wa Iria Rudely Interrupts K24 Reporter During Live Broadcast

Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria on Friday, March 6, rudely interrupted a K24 TV reporter, Alfred Maina, during a live broadcast. 

Wa Iria, who was speaking about the Avocado Processing and Marketing Bill 2020, castigated Murang’a Senator Irung’u Kang’ata who was opposing it.

He added that the senator was colluding with middlemen to prevent his administration from coming up with measures to protect avocado farmers from exploitation.

“Let people stop talking on TV in Nairobi, Kang’ata should come here so that I can deal with him personally,” Wa Iria stated as the reporter asked the brokers’ representative to also make his sentiments.

“I stand for the truth in any business. No one will force you to take a certain direction,” Wanjohi, the brokers’ representative stated before a commotion ensued.

Wanjohi declined to comment further, citing that he did not want to start a fight.

The reporter, who was at this point confused, then took the microphone from Wanjohi and directed it to Wa Iria who was already speaking to the camera.

“A farmer should be paid, I know I’m live on TV and I want Kenyans to hear what I’m saying,” he spoke and pushed the reporter’s microphone aside. 

He further asked the cameraman to switch off his camera and walked away.

The Senator Kang’ata on Wednesday, March 4, claimed that the bill negated free-market ideals by proposing to have all avocado buyers and traders post their contractual agreements to the county.

“The bill imposes requirements for registration of avocado nurseries, licences to uproot trees, avocado movement permits and it compels farmers to join cooperatives while buyers will have a permit from the county government, failing which one will be fined Ksh2 million or imprisoned for two years.

“The requirements negate free-market ideals and will make the cost of doing avocado business to go up, hence making the fruits from Murang’a expensive,” Kang’ata stated.

Below is the video;

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