General Kibochi Explains Why Full Teeth are Mandatory to join KDF

Chief of Defence Forces, General Robert Kibochi
  • Chief of Defence Forces general Robert Kibochi has explained why it is important to have all 32 before joining the military.

    In an interview on NTV, the general detailed that it would be hard to compensate a person with missing teeth once his time in the military lapsed.

    He stated that the military recruitment process needed to be thorough to ensure that the recruits were wholly fit.

    Chief of Defence Forces, General Robert Kibochi

    “The moment you join the defence forces you need to be fit to the extend that when you leave, you also go through a medical board so that if there is anything that has happened to you during your tenure in the service, you will be compensated. 

    “If we get you to have missing teeth, it is going to be very hard for us to compensate you,” Kibochi stated.

    The general also noted that the recruitment process in recent years was different from that of his time. He explained that the military officers were more careful with how they handled recruits.

    In addition, he stated that the officers were coming up with a curriculum that would help them adapt to the generation undergoing training.

    “We are getting children who have to be taken to school by the buses all the time and so they have not gotten the stamina that they need… For example, if you start the training and you tell them to run for 10km, you will lose them because they are not conditioned that way,” he explained.

    In a previous interview, missing security analyst Mwenda Mbijiwe opined that a soldier’s tooth was useful in the event that he runs out of ammunition on the battlefield.

    He stated that teeth could be used as weapons against the enemy during battle.

    “Soldiers are trained to use anything they have to defeat the enemy, including the teeth. For example, when you are out of bullets or your gun malfunctions, then why not use your teeth to tear into pieces your enemy?†he posed.

    Former KDF official and security expert Mwenda Mbijiwe