Gang Returns Kshs500 Change After Robbing 100K from Foreigner

Gang Returns Kshs500 Change After Robbing 100K from Foreigner

A gang said to be operating around Kilimani area in Nairobi has baffled many after what could easily be misconstrued as an act of kindness to a foreigner whom they had robbed.

According to media reports, the German citizen identified as Claus Opperman hailed an Uber at the Lenana-Kayawe Road junction on Monday. He was heading to Arboretum Gardens.

His ride arrived and picked him up but after a few meters, two men came on board after it stopped along Kayawe Road.

Opperman was taken to an apartment along Forest Road where the thugs asked him to hand over his ATM cards.

Rental apartments

One of the thugs left to empty his accounts, which had more than Kshs100,000, while his two accomplices kept watch. They also stole his electronics.

After the ordeal, the thugs gave him back his ATM cards and Kshs500 – which was meant to be his taxi fare back home. 

Police have since launched a manhunt for the notorious gang that been terrorizing residents, especially foreigners, of the leafy suburb for the last three days.

Gang activities targeting foreigners have witnessed a sharp increase over the last few months.

Last Sunday, a gang stole Kshs680,000, 3 iPhones and ATM cards from seven Italian missionaries who were on their way to Holy Family Basilica when their car stalled.

They decided to take the car to a nearby garage and boarded a taxi to church. Upon their return, they decided to wait inside the car since it had not been repaired. It is then that the gang pounced on them.

A crime scene.


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