Game Over for DP Ruto and his Kalenjin Nation As Kikuyu set to unite with Luyha and Luo to deliver Change and End Corruption

Game Over for DP Ruto and his Kalenjin Nation As Kikuyu set to unite with Luyha and Luo to deliver Change and End Corruption

Will LUOs Ever learn Their Lessons?
By Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler

I repeat, and this has nothing to do with tribalism, “Never trust KIKUYUS when it comes to power.” The other day Uhuru confidant MURATHE put everything in black and white as I had predicted long time before the re-election of Uhuru.

When Kikuyus and Kalenjins were still “together”, I told KALENJINS they were being played to re-elect Uhuru and get dumped but they told me “Sisi si WAJALUO, wakijaribu kutufanyia vile walifanyia Raila, tuko na dawa yao”

That time, Kikuyus would swarm my posts and video clips and defend themselves. Mitaani during discussions, they would vow to keep their promise. Funny enough, those same people who swore with their lives are the same ones who have taken a U-turn. Ignore those few remaining, pretending to be on Ruto’s side. Their hearts are together and they are all singing the same song. It is just a matter of time before they stop pretending and they usually do that at the eve of elections. By the time they wake up, they are one thing.

I therefore repeat what I said before that the same will happen to Raila and Luos immediately they help them amend the constitution to help them retain the leadership of this country. Kikuyus want Uhuru to go for two more terms but the constitution bars him.

So, in order for them not to appear as if they are greedy or power hungry before other Kenyans, they opted to bring Raila close so that he can help them amend the constitution and help Uhuru continue leading the nation. The funny thing with Luos and Luhyas is that they forget they have been used and dumped before by the same Kikuyus.

Yesterday Luhyas led by MUSALIA were foolishly cheering Murathe when he said KIKUYUS have no MoU with KALENJINS and that they will not support RUTO in 2022. They have forgotten that these are the same people who called MUDAVADI ‘mademoni’ the other day. How soon people forget.

LUOS on the other hand, are foolishly celebrating the “HANDSHAKE” and praising UHURU and KIKUYUS forgeting the same people that shortchanged them in 2007 and forcefully took what belonged to them even after standing with KIBAKI from when he was involved in an accident. Raila guarded And protected Kibaki from the outgoing Moi Government and stood with him until he became President. When being flown to London for specialised treatment, they booked him in the anus of KQ but Raila said my President cannot fly in economy class, he then booked him in first class. Still, KIKUYUS forgot all that favor and repayed him with evil in 2007. Luos should ask themselves a simple question, “Why was it made private and its implementation rushed?” The answer ix simple, to keep away people from thinking. And asking the questions I am raising.

Luos and Luhyas have forgotten that Kikuyus are on a mission. Just like missionaries came with sweets and other gifts to entice Africans and win them, Kikuyus have gone to Raila and Luos with a few inconsequential government positions with fake love to win their hearts. As usual, Luos and Luhyas have boarded that bus. But the moment Kikuyus get to their destination with help of these two communities, they will throw them out of the window in a moving bus. What they are not asking themselves is, “How come someone who always dislikes you, all over sudden beccomes your friend and pretend to love you so much?”

They’ll promise to make Raila a ceremonial President if he helps make UHURU an executive Prime minister. But immediately after the constitution passes, the same language you heard in VIHIGA, you’ll hear it against RAILA the next day. They’ll say “Huyu mtu hatoshekangi kutoka zamani. Sisi hatuna mkataba na yeye. Si tulipea yeye government positions akapatia watu yake? Sasa anataka nini?” They’ll chose anothrr person to and replace him with RAILA as a ceremonial President. In fact, it may be WILLIAM RUTO for the sake of the security of their people in Rift Valley or MUDAVADI because they can control him like a puppet.

In fact, all the UHURU failures will be attributed to Raila. Watasema yeye ndio alifanya serikali ya Uhuru ikaanguka.

Again after UHURU’s two terms expire, they’ll now revert to the current constitution which will again make them eligible to vie and continue ruling this country.

Comrades Anwar Saddat Phil Wesonga Onyango Onyango Ochieng Jr. And Douglas Ogari what is your take?

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(The writer sells Bananas in the streets of Kisii Town”


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