May 28, 2022
The Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi as pictured on November 18, 2019
  • Fresh details on the Kenyatta University student caught on viral video screaming for help from a speeding vehicle along the Thika Superhighway have emerged.

    Speaking before Senior Principal Magistrate, Esther Kimilu, of Milimani Law Courts on Monday, March 22, the KU student in the company of the boyfriend identified as James Kibe and who was the driver of the vehicle, explained that she was screaming to inform the boyfriend to close the vehicle’s door.

    This was after the Magistrate asked her to explain why she was screaming while the door was open, endangering her life and those of other motorists.

    The Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi as pictured on November 18, 2019
    Simon Kiragu

    “The two of you should have been charged. Why would you scream while the door is open?” the Magistrate wondered.

    “I was telling him to stop the vehicle so that we can close the door,” the lady replied.

    In a statement, the National Police Service (NPS) noted that Kibe was charged with reckless driving and his license suspended.

    “Kibe pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless driving contrary to Section 47 of the Traffic Act, CAP 403 Laws of Kenya. He was fined Ksh70,000 and his driving license suspended.

    “We wish to caution motorists against reckless behavior which exposes passengers,” read the police statement in part.

    While making her determination, the Magistrate explained that the driver was penalised for endangering his life and those of other motorists even though there was no one injured during the incident.

    “Although nobody was injured, we cannot wait for the bloodshed to take action as this person endangered his life and that of his passenger; and the driving license is suspended immediately for a period of six months,” the Magistrate ruled.

    In an earlier interview police spokesperson, Bruno Shioso, told that the incident occurred after disagreements between Kibe and his girlfriend.

    “Yes, it happened. But not a kidnapping situation as thought from the clip. It was a boyfriend-girlfriend situation disagreement after a day out.

    “She is a student at KU and had a scuffle with her boyfriend who wanted her to accompany him for the evening. The clip captured her resisting as he tried to drive off,” Shioso stated.

    Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso addressing the press.
    Police Spokesperson Bruno Shioso addressing the press.
    Capital Group

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