Form One Student Walks 50 Kms to Join National School

  • A Form One student’s resolve to join his dream school proved evident after he walked 50 kilometers in order to secure his slot. 

    Reports by K24 indicated that George Masinde had been admitted at St Joseph’s Boys School, a national school in Kitale after attaining 370 marks in KCPE. 

    The student pointed out that his resolution to trek the long-distance ensued from a talk with his neighbours who informed him that he would miss his slot if he did not report to the school on Monday morning, August 2. 

    An image of Teachers in a classroom with students in a secondary school
    An image of Teachers in a classroom with students in a secondary school

    The sheer fright of missing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity forced Masinde to sneak out of his parents’ house at 3:00 am in order to embark on the journey from Kona Mbaya Junction to the Kitale-based school. 

    Masinde arrived in Kitale while dressed in his former St Teresa primary school uniform and slippers. 

    “I feared for my life, but thinking of my future life and career, I had no option other than to take a walk,” Masinde stated. 

    His mother Damaris Mutenyo expressed sheer grief after she was informed of the lengths her son had taken in order to secure his slot.  

    “I woke up at around 6 am to attend to my vegetable business and was shocked to be told by neighbours that my boy had decided to trek to Kitale to secure the space,” she stated.

    St Joseph’s principal, Godfrey Owuor, was shocked to find a small young boy, in a tattered uniform, at his office by 8:00 am.

    “I was sitting in my office when my secretary told me I had a visitor, and in entered a boy in tattered primary school uniform shaking from the current cold weather in Kitale. He pleaded with me to let him join his fellow form ones as he had nothing but the tattered uniform and a pair of slippers,” Owuor entailed.

    The principal lauded the boy for his sheer determination and urged well-wishers to assist the family in raising funds for Masinde’s education. The boy’s career ambition is to become a pilot in the future. 

    Masinde’s plight comes as Form One students reported to their respective high schools on Monday morning, August 2 as part of the new academic calendar issued by the Education Ministry. 

    The term is slated to end on Friday, October 1. 

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