Form 1 Student Who Walked 50 Kms Gets Corporate Sponsor

  • George Masinde – the Form One student who walked 50 kilometres to join Joseph Boys High School, has received a corporate sponsorship.

    Mombasa Cement Limited on Wednesday, August 3, offered Masinde a full-year fee at the school and also promised to cater for his tuition materials.

    The young student’s plight came to light on Monday, August 2, after reports indicated that Masinde sneaked out of his parent’s home at 3:00 am in order to embark on a 50-kilometer journey to the Kitale-based national school. 

    George Masinde at St Joseph Boys High School on Monday, August 2.
    George Masinde at St Joseph Boys High School on Monday, August 2.
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    “We were touched by his story and decided to come in to assist him to achieve his goals. The directors were moved by the story of the young boy,” Chirag Bhatt, a representative of the cement company, stated. 

    One of the directors of Wasili Cabs, Zipporah Kamau noted that Masinde deserved a chance of pursuing his dreams. Masinde had scored 370 marks in KCPE. 

    “I see him like my son since I am aware of the challenges parents go through, and we are calling on well-wishers to come forward and assist not only this boy but those in need,” she stated.

    Elated by the show of goodwill, Masinde pointed out that the move was a step closer to ensuring that his dreams of becoming a pilot are achieved.

    “I am so happy that good Samaritans have come to my aid. I want to assure them that I am determined to excel in my studies,” Masinde entailed.

    The student had initially affirmed that the chance to join a national school was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that he couldn’t let pass by. This is after he was informed by his neighbours that he would miss his slot if he didn’t report to the school on Monday, August 2.

    “I was afraid of losing the slot, yet I knew that if I informed my parents that I intended to make my way to school very early, they would not allow me,” he pointed out. 

    Driven by determination, Masinde donned his former primary school attire and arrived at the Kitale-based school by 8:00 am, much to the surprise of Principal Godfrey Owuor.

    “I was sitting in my office when my secretary told me I had a visitor, and in entered a boy in tattered primary school uniform shaking from the current cold weather in Kitale.

    “He pleaded with me to let him join his fellow form ones as he had nothing but the tattered uniform and a pair of slippers,” Owuor entailed.

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