August 20, 2022
Fight Erupts After DP Ruto's Speech in Murang'a Event [VIDEO]

On Friday, March 6, Deputy President William Ruto attended an event in Kandara Constituency where he presented a school bus to Kenyoho Secondary School.

During the ceremony held at Kandara Technical and Vocational College, a fight erupted after Murang’a Governor Mwangi wa Iria and his supporters stormed the ceremony.

At the time, Kandara MP Alice Wahome was at the podium speaking to the residents when one of wa Iria’s supporters walked to her.

In the video, Wahome’s bodyguard is seen moving swiftly to cover her as a bishop who was in attendance warns Wa Iria against the actions.

A nasty fight ensued as the rival men wrestled each other to the ground. 

On his part, the Murang’a governor stated that he would not allow leaders from other counties to talk ill about the Avocado Processing and Marketing Bill 2020 that he was tabling in parliament.

“I said that I do not want to hear people inciting others over the avocado bill and there is bribe money that has been circulating. There is no avocado that will cost less than Ksh 15,” he stated as he was shouted down by residents.

In the clip, residents boo the governor as they shout the Deputy President’s name.

“Ruto, Ruto, Ruto,” they chant.

Earlier in the day, Wa Iria, who was speaking about the Avocado Processing and Marketing Bill 2020 on K24, castigated Murang’a Senator Irung’u Kang’ata who was opposing it.

He added that the senator was colluding with middlemen to prevent his administration from coming up with measures to protect avocado farmers from exploitation.

“Let people stop talking on TV in Nairobi, Kang’ata should come here so that I can deal with him personally,” Wa Iria stated.

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