Exceptional Children Who Won Kenyans’ Hearts

  • Children are primarily known for their soft-spoken nature but can at times make headlines when given the opportunity. 

    Be it through achieving remarkable feats or possessing extraordinary talents, the kids have managed to win over Kenyans. 

    kenyagist.com takes a look at children who endeared themselves to Kenyans.

    Record Climbing

    A 12-year-old from Lang’ata West Primary School astounded Kenyans after he climbed Mt Kenya at a record of 10 hours and 53 minutes- a feat which would take on average three to five days to accomplish. 

    According to reports, Joshua Kimkung achieved the venture while he was ten years old. 

    Speaking to the media, the young lad acknowledged that he climbed the mountain to raise money to help his school buy a bus. 

    He noted that the inspiration to buy the bus was derived from the fact that they have to trek long distances in order to get to school.

    12-year-old Joshua Kimkung
    12-year-old Joshua Kimkung

    Stole the Show

    A 7-year-old stole the show at a rally attended by Deputy President William Ruto on Friday, January 15. 

    The boy, dressed in traditional attire, took to the stage and recited a poem in Kalenjin, to which he received adulation from the crowd. The DP stood up and hugged the boy in affirmation of his poem. 

    A boy reciting a poem at a DP Ruto rally in Bomet on January 15, 2021.
    A boy reciting a poem at a DP Ruto rally in Bomet on January 15, 2021.

    Running Boy

    A video of a young student called Dennis Cheruiyot running to school alongside marathoners made headlines and immediately went viral after Kenyans took note of the student’s plight. 

    Cheruiyot, a form two student at RCA Kiplombe Secondary School, Turbo Constituency, Uasin Gishu County, runs approximately four kilometers from his school. His teacher noted that Cheruiyot desired to represent Kenya in international athletics competitions. 

    Recently, the young boy received international aid after Neto Goncalves, a Brazilian coach, took him under his wing.

    Memorable Confrontation

    The story of 13-year-old Denis Langat hit the interwebs after a video of him confronting Regional Commissioner George Natembeya went viral. 

    The back and forth conversation between the two culminated in Lang’at posing a query to the commissioner that stunned the crowd.

    “Why are you destroying our crops?” the boy asked. 

    This led to Kenyans lauding the young boy for his bravery in the manner in which he interacted with the commissioner. Later on, Lang’at was appointed as the child peace ambassador by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC). 

    13-year-old Denis Langat speaks with Rift Valley Regional Commissioner, George Natembeya, on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

    Aeroplane Maestro

    Elias Muthomi impressed many Kenyans due to his immense knowledge of aeroplanes. The four-year-old exhibited immense knowledge to the point of being called to different aviation companies in order to learn more about aeroplanes and their parts. 

    His gift was praised by his parents who noted that the boy began reading out English words on a wall chart and newspapers at only one and a half years of age. His teacher, Ken Kogor also noted that Muthomi exuded more wisdom than peers his age. 

    Elias Muthomi, little boy who can name 16 types of planes and their parts
    Elias Muthomi, little boy who can name 16 types of planes and their parts