Ex-Soldier In Murder Trial Sues KDF Over Salary Row

Former KDF soldier Peter Mugure in Past Court Appearance
  • Former military officer Peter Mugure, who is facing trial over the murder of his wife and children, has sued the Ministry of Defense in a salary row.

    Mugure sued the ministry for stopping the remittance of his salary.

    The former Major was discharged from the military on November 18, 2019, to allow his trial in a civilian court. Upon his dismissal from the military, his salary was stopped. 

    Former KDF soldier Peter Mugure in Past Court Appearance

    Mugure and his accomplice, Collins Pamba, were arrested on October 28, 2019, after they were alleged to have killed Joyce Syombua, Prince Michael, and Shaniz Maua.

    While appearing in court on March 16, 2021, Mugure was seeking to represent himself in the murder trial before High Court Justice Florence Muchemi in Nyeri.

    Mugure used the mention to formally make two applications in the multiple murder cases against him and Pamba, who was a former Laikipia Airbase cook.

    In his application, the former KDF soldier was seeking to represent himself in the court after halting the services of lawyer Cliff Ombeta, later Kimani Njuguna, and then later on in 2020, Kariuki Runo.

    In his second application, Mugure wanted the court to allow him to get back his motor vehicle and other personal items such as ATM cards, clothes confiscated by detectives probing the case.

    “They took away a number of personal items including my ATM cards. I’m asking to have them returned to me because I do not think they are part of the evidence,†Major Mugure told the court.

    Mugure’s co-accused, Pamba, was slapped with a 5-year jail term in May 2021 after the High Court in Nyeri found him guilty of being a co-conspirator in the deaths of the three.

    The bodies of the slain wife and children of Mugure were recovered in a shallow grave at Kilimo in Thingithu on the outskirts of Nanyuki town a few days after they were widely reported missing. The incident happened after they visited the soldier at his workplace.

    KDF officers at a barracks in Kenya