May 26, 2022
KDF officers perform a drill in a past training exercise
  • Former Education Permanent Secretary in President Mwai Kibaki’s administration, James Ole Kiyiapi, made an emotional appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government during the burial of his brother.

    The 2013 presidential candidate, who was laying his brother – a former Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) soldier killed in an Al Shabaab attack in Somalia – to rest, called on the President to review the role of the troops in the war-torn country.

    Kiyiapi criticised the government’s policy in handling news on soldiers killed in battlefront, stating that they were not being honoured as they deserve.

    KDF officers perform a drill in a past training exercise

    He explained that the soldiers were relatives to Kenyans and asked the Jubilee administration to account for all KDF officers sent to Somalia.

    “Why do we hide our soldiers when they die in battle? There is no war without casualties and we must account for each one of them. They are brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers and we need to honour them.

    “You do not honour them by saying that you keep it low because it is a military threat, we are fighting terrorists,” he stated.

    Kiyiapi praised the soldiers for their courage, thanking the troops who brought his brother back to the country for his burial rites.

    “We salute you because you brought my brother from where he was killed. You are trained not to speak but allow us to speak on your behalf. Allow the public to speak for you and tell the President and his government what needs to be done,” remarked the emotional Kiyiapi.

    The former PS asked the government to supply the soldiers with requisite equipment, stating that it will help in combating the Somalia-based militia. However, he insisted that it was time to review the Linda Nchi operation that started during Kibaki’s era.

    “If they had the equipment, they would be able to stop them (Al Shabaab) before they even get near our soldiers.

    “We must review our strategy in Somalia. We need to ask ourselves how long we will be there and how many of our soldiers are dying,” he stated.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and military officials with hammock seat canes during a multi-agency join operational training in Boni Forest, Lamu County on July 21, 2021
    terrorist killed fight

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