Ex-Millitary Officers Gang up Against Govt in Ksh 298M Fight

  • Former Kenya Air Force officers have ganged up against the state seeking a compensation amounting to Ksh298 million.

    A report by Daily Nation dated Monday, July 26 indicates that the 39 former military officers had filed a petition in Parliament seeking the intervention of the legislators to ensure they receive their compensation. 

    The retired officers argue that they are yet to be compensated a years after the Court of Appeal awarded them Ksh170 million.

    They further argue that the amount has since accumulated interest and now stands at Ksh 298 million. 

    Mzee Daniel arap Moi arriving at a national event at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi

    In their petition, the officers lament that they were unfairly targeted after being accused of taking part in the 1982 Coup attempt against the then President Daniel Arap Moi.

    One of the officers, David Gitau Njau, who was a lead petitioner in the case, argues that the wait for compensation has been long and tedious. 

    “We have a Senate committee finding saying we should be paid. We have petitioned the National Assembly to compel Treasury to budget for our compensation.

    “What more can we do to get our money? We need to be told so we can do it,” stated Mr. Gitau.

    He further noted that 18 of the officers and three widows who were pursuing the compensation had since died. 

    In 2016, a court in Nairobi had ordered the government to pay Ksh 500 Million to 284 former Kenya Air Force officers who were tortured after the failed 1982 Coup. The 39 officers were among the 284. 

    The court was told that the 284 former officers were among those rounded up and subjected to severe punishment, including beatings, crawling for long distances on their knees, being confined in filthy cells without food and water and subjected to prolonged investigation by Army officers.

    Kenya Airforce choppers in action.
    Kenya Airforce choppers in action.