September 28, 2022

By Silas Gisiora Nyanchwani

I will not blame Nick Ndeda for what has befallen him. Nick Ndeda is every millennial man with that woman they initially fully commit to, who (the woman) then pulls a plug on that nonsense.

It happens to every man. You give your all, but a few years down the line, she wakes up and says, “Look here dude, this does not work, I deserve better.”

What matters is if this will be a teachable moment for him and if he will take his medication. Three red pills a day, for the next six months will sent him straight. We all have to take a Big L. It does not matter the number of years, resources, emotional or financial we put into a relationship.

And for young men here who want to commit fully in a relationship, know that women get bored first and very fast in a relationship. There are so many reasons for this. If you don’t know, talk to me privately.

Just know, your full commitment and your whatever sacrifice you invest will mean nothing if down the line she meets the love of her life.
So, do the right thing in that relationship, just don’t put her first.
Put yourself first. Focus on yourself.

Nick is every modern, educated millennial man. His girlfriend represents a certain class of women in the city. They will make you fetch silver from the moon. But when they get bored, that is it. You will be left watching very bad things on YouTube.
Let Nick take an L like a man, and then grow a pair.

Amayo Luke: And that bi*ch had the guts to say “I’m entering my hoeing phase “????????????. Women deserve less na mdomo ya Jaloka.

George Waweru: Simps never learn, wait for him to disappoint us again. Aaah King of Simps.

Eucabeth Nyabeta: But Nick has come out severally and declared he does not want kids.
If the lady wanted kids, I think it’s fair to say that they should give each other space to go seek what they want.

Austyn Machel: Exactly. Dudes need to put themselves first just as women are. By the time Nick realised, his now ex wife had been putting herself first for a minute.
That video showed a man that was never in control. He was playing second fiddle all through. I believe most of the decisions in that house were not a consensus, but rather pushed through by one party and that wasn’t Nick.
As you’ve said, the L is his to take. He’d better learn to put himself first moving forward. Otherwise this will not be the last time we are privy to his destruction via YouTube.

Joshua Orina: Pulooo Dj… Louder please HIS.EXCELLENCY …
This Boys never learn that a man should not think using his 3rd leg but Brains and wisdom ya wazee????????
Huyo Nick ngoja atapigwa KNOCKOUT veery soon????ju kiboko ????won’t be working as usual…????????

Wambui Nyaga: he said he cheated twice on her and he always asked himself why she never left.Maybe she was working in an exit plan…mnapenda kulialia sana after being in the wrong

Lina Barry: Silas as a matter of fact,you’re always against women-misogynist! You have quickly run to blame the girl without knowing that nick was/is you fellow student at Amerix’s class. Btw nick has a 6yo daughter that he does not support,then he runs to tell a 30yo woman that they be in a relationship for 7years and do away with having kids but keep cats? How much more selfish can a man be? I’m glad that girl has smelt the coffee,for whatever reasons they broke up it was never fair play.

Mary Serndrah: What if it was mutually decided by both parties? Why has it been concluded by the author that Nick was investing in the relationship while the other party wasn’t? Victimhood is now every man’s favorite spot,we don’t even know all their reasons but boychild will suffer more from this????? They both will struggle, sharing moments for all those years leaves a huge gap when you part ways,but according to Silas women have no conscience and she will be on her way to Maldives to enjoy the breakup while Nick drowns in tears,really!

Bernard Gatheru M: Nick the neutered cuck didn’t look to me like a guy who’ll turn this L into a lesson. He’ll probably be in another Jezebel’s arms within weeks, proclaiming his love, waiting to have his head bit off, praying mantis style, yet again. Some men just need to get burned a couple of times before they realize that it’s stupid to put their hand on a hot stove????

Geoffrey Akungu: If you are a man in this age and time and you have no idea what the RED PILL is or do not know who Rollo Tomasi is, I really pity you.
To be properly Red Pilled is to be grounded in the understanding of the ways of the gynocentric philosophy running the world today, apprehension of the keener details of the intersexual dynamics of the time and how to exploit them to our advantage, and lastly to properly understand the hypergamous nature/prerogative of women.
Without this grounding any man is a fair game for the kind of nonsense Ndeda is going through.
Men, it is time to flip the narrative. The least you can do is to follow Amerix. That seemingly insignificant but brave man will save you a lot of trouble if you go beyond his tweets and soundbites, for he is a start, but he’ll surely help you in a big way you will never spend a day in regret over another human with a wet crack

Ex Kiss FM radio presenter Nick Ndeda kicked out by his love Muthoni Gitau,


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