December 4, 2022

  • Soni Kanake, a former show host on K24 and TV47, announced her comeback on the screens but with a twist.

    The relationship coach launched her own show, The Soni Kanake Show, on her YouTube channel to further discussions around family, unions, mental health, and intimacy. 

    Speaking to, Kanake noted that her move to the digital space was prompted by the need to create a platform for Kenyans, especially men fighting silent battles.

    “It was exciting to be back and address crucial life issues, topics I noted most people do not like talking about,” she stated.

    Presenter Soni Kanake on set for her Youtube show
    Presenter Soni Kanake on set for her Youtube show
    Soni Kanake

    Additionally, after her previous show, Garden of Eden, which aired on TV47, became popular among the audience and addressed a screaming gap in society, Kanake was convinced that Kenyans needed a safe space.

    “Actually, I began the show about a month ago but did not make a public announcement, I only told a few of my friends,” she told

    The show, scheduled for every Wednesday at 10 pm, hosts experts from different sectors to discuss issues like childhood trauma and others suggested by the audience.

    “I did not want to produce a mediocre show after my exit. I, therefore strategically, made plans to produce a quality show per with my other productions,” she stated.

    Kanake added that most of her responses were from men who fear opening up to those around them. This, she noted, resulted from the stigma and society’s view of the boychild.

    “In the show, we tell men it’s okay to ask for help, it is not a sign of weakness,” Kanake explained.

    Her platform has provided a safe space to discuss issues that are often seen as taboo not only to men but to women as well.

    Kanake jokingly stated that she is like the middle man, connecting ‘troubled’ people with much-needed help from experts like psychologists, therapists, counsellors, and many others.

    The jovial host reiterated that she has enjoyed helping those battling mental health issues. Through her platform, some members audience were aided in fighting depression. 

    Presenter Soni Kanake (left) and a guest, Sexologist Maurice Matheka (right) on set
    Presenter Soni Kanake (left) and a guest, Sexologist Maurice Matheka (right) on set
    Soni Kanake

    She recounted the numerous appreciations from her audience, noting that it gave her more purpose to give back to society.

    However, Kanake noted that it has not been easy to venture into her solo project as she grappled with financial constraints, among other issues.

    She thanked her friends including producer, Neville Ng’ambwa, for supporting her since she left TV47 to start her own show. 

    Notably, Kanake has published a book titled, Teen, Let’s Talk to encourage and empower teenagers. 

  • Source: kENYANS.CO.KE

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