Dutch Tycoon’s Murder: Homicide Detectives Raid Suspect’s Home for 6 Hrs

  • Homicide detectives on Wednesday, July 28, raided the home of Timothy Omondi, one of the suspects in Dutch tycoon Herman Rouwenhourst’s murder.

    Following the six-hour raid, detectives carted away new household items which would help with investigations into the murder.

    Omondi is said to have bought land in Kiembeni and begun constructing a house worth Ksh 1.5 million just two weeks after the murder of the Dutch tycoon.

    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime
    A police vehicle at a scene of a crime

    In addition, the house had been furnished with newly acquired household items worth Ksh500,000 which are suspected to be proceeds of the crime.

    Omondi alongside his co-accused Mary Nekesa Ambani were arraigned on Tuesday and are currently being held at the Bamburi and Nyali police stations for 21 days pending investigations.

    Rouwenhourst and his security guard were found murdered in the businessman’s home in Rocco apartments, Shanzu on June 4, 2021.

    “He was found lying lifeless on his matrimonial bed, with multiple injuries on the head, his hands and legs tied and his mouth gagged. His guard also died under similar circumstances bearing injuries similar to those of his employer,†DCI stated.

    The two suspects disclosed details of how the tycoon’s wife hatched a scheme to kill her husband. 

    They noted that Cherono promised them a hefty payday in order to carry out the task.

    “Cherono had earlier taken the suspect to their home on a recce mission to familiarize himself with the home. To complete the finer details of the murder plot, the suspect took photos of the bedroom where the deceased was later found dead.

    “He was promised a handsome pay upon completion of the task, from money that the deceased kept in a safe in the couple’s bedroom,” read part of the statement from the DCI.

    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
    Simon Kiragu