Drunk Driver Almost Kills Boniface Mwangi’s Family [PHOTOS]

Drunk Driver Almost Kills Boniface Mwangi's Family [PHOTOS]

Activist Boniface Mwangi’s family escaped death at the hands of a drunk driver on Saturday night.

Taking to social media to expose the driver, Mwangi expressed his frustration with how the situation was handled, faulting officers for action slowly following the incident.

“A drunk driver almost killed my family. It’s almost been an hour since the accident happened. Called 999, still waiting.

A tow vehicle moves the vehicle from the scene of the accident.

“There is a police roadblock up ahead, cops from Industrial Area but they won’t respond because the accident happened in Embakasi police area,” he noted.

Among the first responders to the accident were the Kenya Red Cross who evacuated the injured parties.

Traffic police escort the driver of the vehicle.

Mwangi further alleged that the driver tried to bribe boda boda riders to remove alcohol from his car.

He requested the dispatcher to conduct an alcoblow test which showed that the driver was under the influence.

It was also discovered that the driver did not have a driving license on him at the time of the accident.

The driver was arrested and the alcohol in the car impounded.

“If you’re the insurer of KCE ***H, the car’s driver was totally drunk. Alcohol was also found in his car. The driver is locked up at Embakasi Police.

“Owner of the car has shown up at the scene, spoken to the cops, he wants a version that will make the insurer pay for his driver’s DUI,” he further stated.

The bottles of alcohol found in the drunk driver’s car.



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