Dr. Ouma Oluga, Three Kenyan Doctors Save Passenger Mid-Flight

Dr. Ouma Oluga, Three Kenyan Doctors Save Passenger Mid-Flight

Dr. Ouma Oluga and three other Kenyan doctors saved the life of a passenger with whom they happened to share a flight on their way home.

According to the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists and Dentists’ Union (KMPDU) Secretary-General, the team was travelling from Istanbul, Turkey where they had gone for a learning tour of Acibadem Health System – one of largest healthcare groups in the world.

“We had the extraordinary privilege to respond to that unusual call from the pilot: ‘If you are a doctor, kindly identify yourself,” the medic narrated his encounter.

KMPDU Secretary-General Ouma Oluga

Speaking to kenyagist.com, the medic recounted how he identified himself to the airline crew by producing his credentials.

It is at this point that he was informed that there was a medical emergency on-board and asked to intervene.

“There was a young man who had serious pain and breathing problems. The situation was quite dire,” he noted.

Using the medical equipment and supplies available in the aircraft, the team of medics managed to stabilize the passenger and he cruised the remaining 3-hours of the flight to JKIA without any difficulties.

“God made a success out of our presence. Noble profession in deed,” a delighted Dr. Ouma stated.

The KMPDU Secretary-General revealed that this was not the first time that he had encountered a medical emergency during a flight.

“It is interesting how others think the call for doctor on board is so welcome. In many flights, you never know what you’ll find and there maybe nothing to work with,” he concluded.

Another medic and KMPDU co-founder Wambui Waithaka recalled how she encountered such incidents three times in her travel.

“My first experience was a known heart disease patient. The Turkish Air had more emergency equipment and medicine than any of the non-national hospitals I have worked at. I was shook. I felt angry at my country… for the umpteenth time.

“All the interventions had good outcomes (thank God), but man now it’s a prayer item for my flights (Please Lord no emergencies on this flight, no ‘Is there a doctor on board?’ – unless it’s an upgrade. Amen,” Dr. Wambui added.


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