DPP Reveals All 21 Govt Ministries Are Under Active Investigations

DPP Reveals All 21 Govt Ministries Are Under Active Investigations

According to the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji, nearly all of Kenya’s 21 ministries are under active investigations for massive financial mess and mismanagement.

It is reported that the big targets in government include the Education ministry’s textbook purchase, Treasury’s eCitizen platform and the Interior ministry’s acquisition of houses for senior government officers.

“Potentially, we are investigating each and every ministry. They all have issues. It’s the whole government…I am not saying they all have a problem, but there are complaints from almost all ministries. We are looking at each and every complaint or whistle-blowing. We take nothing for granted,” he told The Star.

The DPP also expressed concern with the level of corruption in the country.

The Director of Public Prosecution, Noordin Haji

“It is pretty bad. We are not talking about people taking 10 per cent. We are talking about cases where 100 per cent is lost and there is absolutely nothing to show for it,” he commented.

According to the DPP, before he moved to court, his office needed to ensure that the process of asset recovery was ongoing.

“It’s not enough to jail people, then they come out to enjoy the proceeds of crime. We insist we need to know where the assets and money are,” he reiterated.

Haji nonetheless, revealed that billions of assets belonging to suspects had already been frozen by the Assets Recovery Agency and the EACC.

Among the major casualties in Haji’s anti-graft war have been the parastatals, where tens of top officers have been charged and sent packing. 

Some of these included the NHIF, Kenya Pipeline, Kenya Power, the NCPB and Kenya Bureau of Standards, among others.

Charges against graft suspects

However, the DPP affirmed that the war against corruption was winnable and that Kenyans needed not to politicize the process.

NHIF millionaire receptionist, Fredrick Sagwe Onyancha


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