DP Ruto’s Tweet on Jubilee Facts Backfires

DP Ruto's Tweet on Jubilee Facts Backfires

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday tweeted out what he termed as facts on what the Jubilee administration had accomplished since they come into power.

The DP stated that since he and President Uhuru Kenyatta took office, the government had rolled out a comprehensive development agenda to transform Kenya in 2013.

He cited some projects that they had embarked on including the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

“From SGR, 7000KM tarmac roads to reform of NHIF and 4.6M additional electricity,160 New TIVETs and more; distributed equitably across Kenya deliberately. 

He further stated that, “The Big Four will build on this foundation. Facts!”

Deputy President William Ruto tweet.

A section of Kenyans online was however not impressed by his statement, many taking to faulting him over the parts the government had failed to deliver on.

“Also tell us what has been stolen since Jubilee took over. Tunataka tu Facts,” one user noted.

Another added, “His excellency we are worried, the High school, college and University education is becoming more expensive yet the graduates like us in Public Health from KMTC have no jobs.”

Others called him out on the employment opportunities he had promised during the campaign trail.

“Where are the one million jobs opportunities you promised? mmekula na mwenzako amekunywa mkashiba mkatuita washenzi?? Washenzi wanagutuka tu (you have stolen everything with your partner (President Kenyattta) and later called us fools. The fools are getting enlightened)”

Some referred to the numerous corruption scandals that had been witnessed in the country.

“Ooohhh and you forgot the stealing from NYS 1& 2, NHIF, KPLC, KPC, SGR, and the Euro bond. That’s quite an achievement sir,” one Kenyan conveyed.

Some of the reactions to DP Ruto’s tweet.



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