August 12, 2022

Deputy President William Ruto has warned legislators plotting to impeach him through Parliament.

Speaking in Nandi County on Friday, March 13, the deputy president warned the MPs that the motion they were pushing was likely to backfire on them.

“I am freely advising those planning my impeachment in Nairobi that your underhand tactics will take you nowhere,” he stated in Nandi County, where he launched several projects.

“Those of you who have been elected should go back and serve the voters otherwise that impeachment you are planning in Nairobi might turn back on you and get you impeached by wananchi, because you are serving your personal interests instead of serving them,” he stated.


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Deputy President William Ruto issues title deeds to a resident of Mosop, Nandi County on March 13, 2020.


Dismissing his alleged detractors’ sentiments that he was campaigning instead of working, the DP told Nandi residents that he was cognizant of the promises that the government had made to them

He added that he was on the road to ensure that the Jubilee government was busy working to fulfill its end of the bargain to the electorate.

“When we presented ourselves to be elected, we promised voters that we will serve them. I’m requesting all the leaders not to be fraudsters and liars. We should ensure we deliver what we promised our people.

“Kenyans know that we promised them; roads, electricity connections, water, improved technical training colleges and much more. That is our agenda. The president and I are still there working for our people,” he stated.

The DP clarified that he had gone to the county to play his role as the president’s assistant and not to galvanize support for his 2022 presidential bid.

As he handed out title deeds to the residents of Mosop, Nandi County, he told them that it was not yet time for him to campaign, but promised that when the time is right, he would do it without hesitation.

“The time for that is coming. I have come to give out title deeds, launch a construction project in a school and give out ambulances to a hospital. I did not come to ask for votes,” he stated.


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Deputy President William Ruto shares a light moment with the Nandi Governor Stephen Sang on March 13, 2020.


“There is a time we will remove our coats, shirts and put on campaign t-shirts. It is not yet time for that. I am hearing some people saying Ruto is campaigning. I have not started. I am still assisting the president to deliver the agenda he gave Kenyans and I am doing it as expected,” he told the crowd.

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