DP Ruto shocked as county commissioner and Police boycott event, treated as Opposition Leader

DP Ruto shocked as county commissioner and Police boycott event, treated as Opposition Leader

It can now be confirmed that Uhuru government is treating DP Ruto as an opposition leader and will not enjoy all the benefits of presidency, at least those that are not clearly spelt out in the constitution. It was decided that the DP can keep his office, presidential escort and can attend Cabinet meeting and seat next to the president in public forums- basically a theoretical number two but a practical opposition leader.

Well, in Nyeri, the county commissioner and security officials were on Thursday, April 18, conspicuously missing during Deputy President William Ruto’s visit to the county where he had gone to attend a church function.

Being the second-in-command, top security organs in the county and sub-county were expected to attend the event and be at hand to receive the deputy president but that was not the case, Ruto was received by the African Independent Pentecostal Church (AIPC) bishops and the event was poorly attended meaning even the locals kept off

During the Nyeri trip DP Ruto was forced to only rely on the security attached to him as aread police went on their business as if the deouty president was not in town.

Political pundits confirm the move to have top officials keep off Ruto events signals a widening crack between the Uhuru and his deputy.

The move also signals President Uhuru Kenyatta’s determination to put an end to DP Ruto premature campaigns.

There was an order from Office of the President, warning the  county commissioner, all police officers, chiefs and their assistants against attending the AIPCA function which was graced by the DP.

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All government officials at the county level were also notified of the circular/order that warned them of unspecified consequences if they attended the  event . The conference  was organized by warring factions of the Pentecostal Church.The new branch, African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA), had its  holy week of  service at Muthua-ini, Tetu, Nyeri County.


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