Dear Gov Joho, good hair cut, fashion SWAG will not translate to vote, invest in knowledge

Dear Gov Joho, good hair cut, fashion SWAG will not translate to vote, invest in knowledge

By Onyango Ochieng Jnr

Hello Joho…If you hope to be a serious presidential candidate someday, kindly take a break from politics. Go somewhere, while there, invest a lot in substance and depth. Politics is really changing bro. Changing very fast!

The most active constitutional offices in Kenya today are Auditor General and Comptroller of Budget. According to this two: the only theft-free counties are Nyandarua and Makueni. So when you go about screaming “Mwizi ni mwizi” hoping to disadvantage William Ruto in a by-election he is not a candidate, the message is boring. Kenyans reading the Auditor-General report, think you are simply insulting their intelligence with unschooled subjective arguments.

The advent of devolution robbed corruption narrative its competitive lustre. Kenyans are tired with both central and county governmengts.

The ladies that cheer you are very inconsistent. Ladies misled Peter Kenneth in 2013 to go for presidency. Peter Kenneth got less than 30,000. In Nairobi race, he got less votes than his total number of teeth.

You often told Kenyans that your war with Uhuru then was because he was relocating Mombasa to Naivasha. Today, Mombasa is still being taken to Naivasha, with your family company given land to build a CFS and a monopoly to transport containers for Kenya Railways. You are now very happy.

When you go to Kisumu, Kwale or Migori… Dont tell them how you will “beat Ruto in elections”. Tell them how your county govt has performed so far and how you will use your office in ODM to ensure elected leader(s) delivers good governance with effective life-changing policies for electorate. How they will deliver roads, water, electricity, drugs, fairly distributed clinics etc. CDF is over 110 MILLION per year. Devolved funds are over 4 BILLION annually. Kenyans deserve better including in ODM zones.

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Boss, substance must also be contextual.

Empires of the future will be empires of the MIND Joho.


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