Deadly Sexually Transmitted Disease (Jakadala) attacks Obado’s Migori County

Deadly Sexually Transmitted Disease (Jakadala) attacks Obado’s Migori County

Migori County has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in 2018. And it seems the region can’t get itself from the bad books. Governor Okoth Obado, is leading his people in having unprotected. Obado, who was the father of Sharon Otieno’s unborn baby, is also facing the murder of his girlfriend.

But there is something more worrying in Migori that is killing residents with impunity. It is an STD that has been nicknamed Jakadala.

The disease is so dangerous that it is believed it can kill within a few weeks if not managed in time.

County Health Executive Iscar Oluoch said her office had released officers to the ground after word went around that at least five people are being treated for the disease in different health facilities.

‘We have sent surveillance teams to a private hospital in Awendo Sub-county, where it was reported two patients had the disease.” She told a local daily.

The most affected group are the gold miners in Nyamorombo gold mines, Komito mines and other gold mining locations in Suna. It seems these guys are having raw sex as they look for the precious minerals in their raw forms.

Governor Obado who has been arrested twice this year and has spend more than 40 combined days in custody, will be in court from May next year to face the charges of murdering his girlfriend in cold blood.


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