DCI Rescues Teenager From Kidnappers

  • Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers on Wednesday, July 28, rescued a teenager from two kidnappers.

    The eighteen-year-old first-year student from a Kitui-Based university was rescued by officers from two men who had allegedly taken her hostage.

    Officers caught the two suspects defiling the lady who was intoxicated at Diani Apartments in Vonza Market, Kitui.

    File image of drinks.
    File image of drinks.

    The three had earlier been spotted at Monte Christo Bar where the lady was stupefied before she was dragged to one of the suspects’ rooms.

    Detectives had established that the victim had walked into the bar in the company of her boyfriend who is known to the suspects.

    The suspects intentionally ordered several rounds of alcohol, leaving the victim’s boyfriend in a sorry state. 

    Unconscious of what was happening, her drunk boyfriend left the club and staggered home, leaving his girlfriend in the hands of the two men.

    Having been left alone and highly intoxicated, the two men took advantage and dragged the lady to a room where they took turns raping the victim. 

    The police were tipped off by people who spotted the two men dragging a woman who could barely support herself into a room.

    Officers swiftly responded to the lead and went to the hotel. Upon busting the room open, they found one of the suspects trying to hide under the bed while the victim lay helplessly on the bed.

    Detectives arrested the second suspect at the bar where he had gone to collect the victim’s shoes and part of her clothes they had left behind after partly undressing her.

    The victim, who was in a serious condition, was rushed to Kitui General Hospital for medical attention. She also went through a medical examination as well as several tests.

    The suspects will be arraigned in court on Friday, July 30, on charges of rape. The DCI has warned women to be wary of the company they keep as cases of stupefying that may lead to rape and other felonies are on the rise.

    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.
    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.