December 2, 2022

DCI Pounces on Man Filmed Hacking Chicken Thief –

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  • DCI detectives, on Sunday, arrested four suspects that were involved in the lynching of a man accused of stealing two chicken in Khayega area of Kakamega County.

    Among them was one who was caught on camera literally slashing the victim to death using a panga.

    DCI boss George Kinoti confirmed the arrests noting that the four were in custody awaiting to be arraigned in court.

    Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti in his office at DCI headquarters during a past interview.

    Kinoti further disclosed that the suspects would be charged with murder.

    “There is nothing like mob injustice. They murdered and let those who are engaged in such incidents know their time is coming,” warned Kinoti.

    Police tracked the four and arrested them after a video showing the slain man pleading with his assailant to spare him, went viral.

    According to The Standard, the suspect had allegedly stolen two chickens from a homestead in the area on July 12, when an alarm was raised.

    The screams alerted a mob which chased him down and started attacking him with stones and sticks.

    It was at this point that a man emerged from the mob and hacked the suspected thief to death. 

    The video of the incident caused uproar after it was shared on social media.

    A special team was sent to the area to investigate the incidents of mob injustice and take necessary action after officials complained about the prevalence of the issue.

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