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DCI Issues Alert After 7 Dangerous Criminals Escape From Cells

  • The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) has issued an alert after seven dangerous criminals escaped from police cells at Thika Police Station on Wednesday night May 11.

    According to the alert by DCI issued on Thursday, April 12, the seven forcefully escaped from Thika Police station after attacking an officer who was guarding their cell.

    One of the escapees tricked the police officer with sickness before the rest convinced the cop to accompany him to the toilet.

    Immediately after opening the door, the suspect attacked the cop before obtaining the keys to the cell and later escaped.

    Sign Post of Thika Police Station

    “Seven robbery with violence suspects are on the loose after escaping from police custody, in a daring break out at Thika police station last night. In an ingenious plot hatched by the capital offenders, one of the remandees feigned sickness claiming to have a bout of diarrhea, as a result of a bowel infection. 

    According to the cell sentry who was on duty, the rest of the remandees pleaded with him to accompany their accomplice to the lavatory, before he soiled the entire cell,” a statement by DCI read in part.

    One of the escapees was rearrested meters from the cell. They have however launched a manhunt for the rest of the team. The officer who was on duty at the time of the incident has also been placed in custody and is helping with the investigation. 

    The directorate urged members of the public who may have information on the escape to inform them through their toll-free hotline. 

    “Should you have any information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects, kindly make your report through the DCI anonymous toll free hotline, 0800 722 203,” the DCI stated. 

    File Photo of Thika Police Station
    File Photo of Thika Police Station

    Instances of jailbreaks prompted President Uhuru Kenyatta to announce reforms in the prison sector in 2021. In the reforms, Uhuru sacked the Commissioner General of Prisons Service, Wycliffe Ogalo, following the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison break.

    He replaced him with Brigadier (Rtd.) John Kibaso Warioba who was tasked with cleaning up the prisons sector.

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