May 28, 2022
File image of Kenyan bank notes
  • Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) have arrested three suspects and nabbed about 294 mobile phones and a laptop in Kaptembwo area, Nakuru County. 

    Anthony Sunguti, the County Criminal Investigations Officer in charge of the operation said the suspects were nabbed and items recovered in a crackdown on Monday, February 9. 

    Sunguti said the operation was conducted after numerous complaints from members of the public of a gang snatching phones in Nakuru town. 

    File image of Kenyan bank notes

    “I lost my phone two months ago after someone snatched and ran away. I could not follow them because it was dark,” said a Nakuru resident. 

    Police say the suspects failed to explain why they had many mobile phones, a laptop and a CPU. 

    Nakuru residents also say the gangs were working in groups which makes it even harder for the victim to defend themselves.  

    However, police officers are saying gang activities have reduced after a multi-agency team was established and stationed in the slum areas of Bondeni, Kivumbini and Rhonda. 

    The special team handles phone thefts, burglary and pickpocketing in Nakuru. 

    “We are beginning to see some changes but there is still more to be done by the police and residents. I think community policing would help manage the theft almost completely,” said another Nakuru resident.

    The three suspects will be arraigned in court.

    A thief caught stealing a phone in Ngara in 2019
    A thief caught stealing a phone in Ngara in 2019

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