David Murathe RESIGNS as Jubilee Vice Chairman to focus on BLOCKING DP Ruto 2022

Breaking: David Murathe RESIGNS as Jubilee Vice Chairman to focus on BLOCKING DP Ruto 2022

Press statement by Hon David Murathe, Jubilee vice chairman and Statehouse operative.

This were my own words and my personal views i have a right to express myself.
I meant every word i spoke at Rarieda and i stand by my words because i believe i have a right to my opinion, Anyone who has issues with me should face me and have a conversation with me, Stop attacking the president,he does not want to be diverted from his focus because he wants to achieve his big four agenda and legacy.
The party has not had any internal consultations about the matter, Lets do away with emotions and insults on this matter. We cannot have a winner take it all situation it led to the post election violence.
I quit my position as the vice chair.

Murathe says he has made a personal decision and he has resigned as Vice Chair of Jubilee party. Says the position is no longer tenable. He insists he will be seeking an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court on whether DP is legible to vie for Presidency in 2022. Says his views are personal and not the position of the party and he stands with what he said in Rarieda and Vihiga.

Claims he can’t be comfortable sitting in the same meeting with Deputy Party Leader yet a section of Members of the party claim he is the one blocking the Deputy Party leader from ascending to the top seat in the country.

We want to roll up a movement that will carry our message: Murathe

Murathe: We want to manage expectations as early as this before 2022. To bring down temperatures because if a certain community does not vote for DP then he says he supported H.E for two terms what happens? This thing of the winner takes it all is what we are against me and those whom we think alike.

Murathe: I have not left Jubilee but the position. But if another formation comes up let be it.

Murathe :I am not comfortable with Ruto as being President because of his character in his tenure as Deputy president including corruption allegations

If they allege there was an MoU to support Ruto, let those claiming to produce it.


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