Criminals Use Petroleum Jelly to Rob ATMs

Criminals Use Petroleum Jelly to Rob ATMs

A criminal gang in Nairobi used petroleum jelly to rob millions of shillings from an ATM in one of the most baffling robbery incidents.

In a Industrial Area police station report seen by, it is alleged that their a team of G4S officers had gone to service an ATM machine at Mater Hospital.

On arrival at 0900 hrs, the team discovered that the ATM had been tampered with and over Ksh1 million withdrawn erroneously at 0730 hours.

To conceal their identity, the robber(s) smeared the CCTV camera with petroleum to obstruct view.

In a nearly identical robbery incident, another ATM machine was vandalized and robbed in Mutindwa, Buruburu.

A crew Commander of G4S Mr George Ogiro reported to police that they had on Thursday loaded an ATM machine along Mutindwa Road with Ksh 7million.

On Saturday, however, they received information from Barclay’s bank that the ATM was not operational.

“They opened the machine and found Ksh 6,290,000 missing.

On visiting the scene, it was established that the ATM was not covered by CCTV cameras.

Curiously, the ATM was also not manned by any guard.

The third incident happened at an ATM within Kenyatta National Hospital precincts.

The system had relayed out a signal that the machine was not operational prompting G4S to dispatch maintenance crew.

On close inspection, the crew realized that the machine had been tampered with electronically.

In this incident, the thieves managed to make away with Ksh4.3 million.

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