Collins Moi in Trouble Over Unpaid Kshs 100, 000 Hotel Bill

Collins Moi in Trouble Over Unpaid Kshs 100, 000 Hotel Bill

Police were searching for Collins Moi, son of Jonathan Moi, over a hotel bill totaling Kshs 100,000

According to Nation, his girlfriend Marsha Amario was detained at Kitale Police Station and held overnight before being released on Friday after the intervention of a senior member of the family.

“He told me he was taking me to Kitale since he had a birthday surprise for me. All along I knew he was the one paying for everything only to find myself in this situation,” she lamented.

Marsha Amario at the Kitale Police Station after being released

The hotel administrators stated that they had no choice but to seek the help of police to settle the bill.

They two checked in on December 29 at 5pm and booked themselves in for six days as part of her birthday celebrations.

“We tried to engage Collins to pay the bill when it was manageable but he responded that he will pay the following day,” regretted Timothy Simiyu, a manager at the hotel.

After five days, when the hotel management told him to sort out the bill before being provided more services he sneaked out of the hotel leaving the girlfriend stranded.

On Tuesday, Marsha called via the hotel phone and responded that he would send a friend but that didn’t happen. On Wednesday, he was unavailable on the phone when his girlfriend tried to reach him prompting the hotel to ask for the intervention 

Collins denied abandoning his girlfriend stating that he just left to finish up some things that were pending.

He claimed that he had lost his ID and ATM card and I was sourcing for money from friends to clear the bill.

Collins Moi during a past court appearance


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