Citizen TV’s Willy Raburu Unknowingly Recorded Rapping on TV

Citizen TV's Willy Raburu Unknowingly Recorded Rapping on TV

Citizen TV anchor Willis Raburu is known for his stunts on air especially on various shows he hosts including Friday’s interactive show 10 over 10.

On Thursday, he posted a throwback clip showing off his musical skills where his cameraman Gregory Juma recorded him without his knowledge while on assignment outside the Supreme Court.

“When I started rapping OG is OG yawa si naweza? (I can do this) Should I drop a rap song? Thanks to my day 1 homie Gregory for capturing this way back!” he posted.

In the video, Raburu drops his freestyle bars to an instrumental of American rapper Fabolous’ featuring RnB singer Ne-Yo 2007 hit Make Me Better.

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu

The credits displayed on the screen show the artiste name as Big Willy and the song name as Illy.

He begins, “I’m a rapper slash actor. Some call me Willis some call me Willy, don’t look at me funny, I’m trying to be silly.”

The anchor then goes to the second line where he raps, “I’m dressed up like that MP called Millie, Odhiambo, Me ni yule wa kitambo (I’m that OG).”

He, thereafter, makes inaudible sounds as he makes funny gestures at the camera.

After completing his goof, he focusses on the camera where he notices that all along, it captured his shenanigans.

“This red light means you are recording,” he states as he tries to cover the lens with the palm of his hands.

Here is the video:

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