August 11, 2022

Citizen TV anchor apologised to Christians across Kenya and the world for renouncing the Seventh Day Adventist Church. 

Mbugua, on Saturday, February 28, claimed that the SDA church was a cult, a remark that irked his followers and Christians who lashed back at him, especially after he cursed against Ellen Gold White, (one of the founders of SDA church and a renowned author).

Arguing that he had been a staunch SDA member since childhood, the journalist opined that SDA faithful were brainwashed.


Citizen TV anchor Kimani Mbugua at BBC Africa offices.


“Apologies to any SDAs who were offended by my curse words against Ellen G White and all the strong language I used earlier, I have deleted those posts from my personal page. My anger was only directed to her and not you guys. 

“I will formally write to the church to officially remove my name from their register, I renounce the SDA faith and I no longer wish to be associated with them,” Mbugua declared.

The presenter further added that he would issue an apology to all SDA faithful on Saturday, February 7, after attending a service at Maxwell Church, Nairobi. He confessed to having anger issues, stating that he would seek help to deal with his temper.

“I was angry and I will attend Maxwell SDA and issue an apology to all Adventists next Saturday. I hope you guys find it in you to forgive me for the pain I’ve caused I know it’s hard but I humbly seek your forgiveness. 

“I was just an angry young man seeking answers, I will seek help to deal with all the anger issues am going through. May God forgive me for speaking against His anointed,” Kimani pleaded.

On Saturday, February 28, Mbugua claimed that he had read widely including all Ellen G White’s books and concluded that the founder was a fraud.

“I have read every single Ellen book… and I will show you that she is a fraud. Your life would be easier if you were out in a Sunday worshipping service. In fact, I think those people are happy.

“Here is how you know it is a cult. If you don’t read, the people who read the most get indoctrinated the most and get so deep in the cult they never see the other side and that was who I was. I was very deep into it. I was ordained as an elder at the age of 16 at Karura Adventist,” he remarked.

The anchor is set to wed after he proposed to his girlfriend in February 2020. While speaking to, on February 4, stated that he had gone to his fiancée’s (Michelle) workplace, who was at the time unwell when he proposed.

“She was at work, it was in the morning and it was raining, I went to her office and took some documents that she was supposed to sign.

“She was in a lot of pain and I told her, look I am going to be here forever and I am always going to be here for you. Then I asked her if she could marry me,” Kimani continued.


Kimani Mbugua at Citizen TV studios in 2019


Kimani Mbugua at Citizen TV studios in 2019

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